Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In and Out!!

Hi friends! Welcome this edition of the Foxes Old House. Today we are going to be removing a door that was installed by a "professional" - he installed a door that was NOT an exterior door. Do you have any idea what happens that an interior door that is exposed to the elements? Let me show you...

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful garden out in my back yard - I could go out of the door and pick flowers for my home and life was good. Then the metal door that was here decided to become permanently wedged into the frame. A surprise gift, a new door, and a man that didn't have a clue showed up at my house...and this is what was installed.

Like the game board that I put up a few months ago in an attempt to stop the unstoppable until I could get a door - and a proper installer - to come out to our house? Wow...

Let's see what is under that board - shall we?

HOLY MOLY!!!  Well - that is not what was there when I put the board up - but that is what happens after a couple of months of extreme heat, cold, rain, snow, ice and...other assorted unmentionables. Time for drastic measures - one new door coming up!!

WOW!!!  Look at that awesome door!!! Notice that it is NOT mounted to the flush to the floor - to keep the rain OUT of the house - and to keep the expensive heat/ac IN the house.

The door was finished after dark last night - so I waited until this morning for a better picture. Let's have a look at that door with all of the hardware installed and the storm door installed, walls prepped for painting and all the caulking done.

AWESOME!!!  The new door is IN and the old door is OUT! My first "to-do" house project is DONE and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Thanks for joining me on this episode of the Foxes Old House. Tune in next time when we tackle another project off of the home improvement "to-do" list for 2011.


  1. UHM, no professional would install a non exterior door in that location, this is coming from a carpenter who loathed replacing things done by ignorant home owners. I've seen some extremely stupid things too, ever see what happens to a home when the home owner removes some piers to expand the basement?

  2. Mark - I assure you - he was a licensed contractor in Chattanooga. He came highly recommended according to the gift giver. I certainly did NOT pay for this...the person that ordered the gift paid in advance. Needless to say, I reported him - nothing was ever done. It was a mess... :(
    I have never done anything to this house more than minor plumbing and electrical, painting, flooring, etc - all cosmetic or easy work - everything else was done by the pros. I know my limits.


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