Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52

Hi friends! I have always wanted to join in a Project 365 - take a photograph a day - but somehow life always has a way of taking over and your good intentions are dashed. Well, a little blog hoping took me to this blog - what fun! A project I can wrap my arms around! I am a little late to the party this first week for Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday party - but I'll be ready for next week.

Hope you enjoy my photograph for this week. Isn't it fun?

Join me at Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesday party and bring your best shot of the week!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Whoaaa, did you take that? And do you own a cheetah?

  2. Yes, I did - isn't it wonderful? It was my favorite from our last zoo trip.

    Nope - don't own a cheetah - they eat too much. :D

  3. gorgeous shot! i love the big cats...


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